Soccer Tips | 10 Oct 2022

Start: we are in the deep end of the soccer season 2022/2023. Soccer championships like UEFA champions league, English premier league, French premier league, German Bundesliga, Spanish Laliga, etc. are all at crucial & interesting stages. Moreover, the FIFA world cup 2022, Qatar, is barely a few months to kick off. Soccer is all about skill & application. Professional soccer players have high skills & application. Below are ways to achieve soccer game success and win matches with these top skills.

Steps to Achieve Success in a Soccer Game Using these 10 Soccer Skills

Dribbling Skills

Dribbling is moving up and down the pitch with full ball control. Great dribblers effortlessly move the ball with both feet in all directions at varying paces & speeds. Efficient dribblers pass through tight opposing team line-ups without ball loss. Professional dribbling is vital to achieving success in soccer in all team positions. Dribbling is an essential soccer skill determining ball possession percentages. Exceptional ball control, balance, and coordination are crucial in soccer.

Striking and Shooting Skills

Strikers or forwards (10, 11) and midfielders (players in numbers 7,6,8,9) determine soccer game tempo & pace. It’s perfect to have great ball shooting skills. Some shots may become goals. Some shots are essential to keep up the pressure and game speed. Shooting and striking are key skills in a soccer game; they need tactical and mental precision.

Ball Heading Skills

Ball heading is a vital skill in a soccer game. Goals are scored in open play or for ball clearance in defence. For dead ball situations, making a pass and heading is a mandatory skill. Soccer game tiebreaks have been resolved with perfect headers from gifted players. We have seen spectacular header goals from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Christiano Ronaldo and many other soccer stars.

Ball Passing Accuracy

Ball passing accuracy is using both feet to share the ball with teammates in a soccer game. It may need straight passes with power & precision or via space with the correct weight. Passing the ball accurately before the net, or strikers accurate & powerful into the net. Soccer players must be able to pass the ball accurately with both feet.

Receiving the Ball Skills

Receiving the ball is for all soccer players & especially the goalkeepers. Ball reception at the right tempo & with tactical evaluation is essential. Soccer players cannot receive the ball out of the blue. For goalkeepers and teammates, the reception allowed is different. Whereas goalkeepers can receive the ball with their hands, other players can only either use their feet, chest, heads or thighs. Right-ball reception can determine the result of a game.

Tackling and Offensive Skills.

Tactical play on the pitch will encounter opposition. And tackling skills are more than the application of shoulders, but how to tactfully tackle opposing teams legally. Tackling skills are vital as you can either slow down or impede progress and win ball possession. Tackling must be neat and clean without excessively aggressive application to invite yellow or even red cards.

Spatial Awareness & Alertness

Ability to visualise space across the pitch and use it to optimum advantage. Soccer players from goalkeepers, defenders, strikers, and baseline midfielders must have immediate space alertness. Constant knowledge of ball position, teammates, opponents & their placing. Soccer players use the skill to harness teammate-coordinated play & enhance alertness at all times. It lets players know their position and teammate’s position & make fast ball passes minus looking.

Ball Control Skills

Ability to win and control the ball using all body parts, including feet, legs, chest, and head. Soccer players with good ball control & coordination skills can receive ball passes on the ground & in the air with a clean first touch. Ball control is the skill of ball possession in a soccer match. Winning the ball and keeping it is crucial to success in soccer matches.

Defensive and Offensive Skills

As much as strikers, midfielders, and right and left-wingers are crucial to the game, the defence also matters, especially in counter-attacks. Players in their respective positions should be able to counter any offensive tactics of their opponents.


With these soccer skills, a player can become unstoppable and achieve higher success in games and matches across leagues & tournaments. And if you are into soccer betting, you easily predict outcomes with great team line-ups purely on soccer skill application. You can tap into better sports odds with 8nplay Online Sportsbook, the best online sportsbook Betting Website in Singapore.