Online Sports Betting | 15 Feb 2023

When it comes to individuals who work in the sector and the general public who bet on sports, there is a lot of dispute on this matter. There is no question that there have been incidents of match-fixing throughout the history of sports. The real query, though, is how commonplace fixes are in the current betting industry.

It is incredibly challenging to manipulate a game so that the result is unavoidable or even just to efficiently subtract points. Paying a referee to call a game is difficult, but we’ll talk more about officials and match-fixing in a moment.

History Of Fixed Games In Sports

Almost everyone is aware of the 1919 World Series incident known as the “Black Sox Scandal.” In order to receive money from sports gamblers, the Chicago White Sox deliberately lost games. Eight players, including “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, were permanently banned from the game as a result of the incident. Additionally, it seriously compromised the league’s credibility as a whole, which prompted the appointment of Major League Baseball’s first commissioner in 1921.

Due to the lack of free agency at the time and the low player salaries, fixing the Series was one of the reasons players decided to do it. Before the Second World War, employment during the offseason was a very regular occurrence for almost all players. Many of these men had families and were in need of additional funds. In essence, they provided the ideal prey for match-fixers and corruption. The salaries between now and then have significantly changed.

Today’s Professional Games’ Wages & Earnings

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You’re looking at some athletes who could earn more than $100 million in their lifetimes. Male athletes with just a few years of professional experience have the potential to earn $5–$10 million. The same is true for the coaches; they receive millions from the sidelines each year. After they retire, players and coaches have a chance to work in the media or for the league.

Do you really believe that so many players will throw everything away if match fixers approach them? How could it possibly be worth risking their entire career for, even if they offered them a substantial quantity of money? There is absolutely no way that professional players would put their fame and wealth at risk by staging large-scale contests. The idea that a sizable portion of professional games is rigged has no basis in fact.

Sports betting markets are spoiled by rigged games

In no way are sportsbooks involved in match-fixing. It would be inconsistent with their reputation, and if these actions were made public, it would not exactly boost gamblers’ trust. Bettors on sports want to feel like they’re receiving a fair shot. Yes, they are content to accept the bets placed by the bookmakers, and they can even put up with a dubious refereeing decision. How likely would sports bettors be to continue doing so if they truly believed that every game was probably fixed?

Many would still bet on the games, but it’s likely that a sizable portion wouldn’t. It is detrimental to all parties involved, not just the professional leagues when games are rigged and sports are compromised. The fact that bookmakers gain money when bets are placed shouldn’t be shocking news. Yes, they occasionally have terrible days, but overall, they consistently prevail. The sportsbooks’ revenues increase as more money is wagered, and vice versa.

Due to the fact that they are already making money, there is a minimal incentive for sportsbooks to participate in unethical business practices or match-fixing.